Mobile App Development: How Important Is Good App Design?

Developing a good app requires you to perform thorough research on your target market’s needs and preferences. This is because an app should streamline your business model by making your products and services more accessible through mobile devices. By developing a roadmap, you’re more likely to stay on track with your app’s purpose and direction.

When consumers browse through an app’s overview, they’ll usually encounter several elements that aim to attract their interest. This includes the app’s product description, customer reviews, and screencaps of the app’s design. These three are integral in converting a customer to download your app. Unfortunately, most business owners focus on the product’s purpose and credibility instead of an app’s layout and design.

The Value of Good App Design

There’s good merit to reinforcing an app’s viability through your marketing copy and customer testimonials. However, textual evidence isn’t always the best means of communicating your app’s message. This is because humans are inherently visual creatures, so they’ll be more drawn to the carousel of screencaps showcasing your app’s interface.

If you still don’t see the value of design in your app’s appeal, here are three ways good design will help your app:

1. Attracts Users Through Layout and Design

Like any product, the packaging plays an essential role in a customer’s expectations. Remember that consumers are attracted to appealing visuals and design. This is why your app should exemplify a masterful use of white spaces, palette options, and information design.

The better you can design your app’s visuals, the more receptive your target audience will be. This is the same principle that affects a website’s bounce rates. If your online users feel too overwhelmed or distracted with your web design, they’re more likely to opt out of your sales funnel.

2. Reflects a Good Understanding of Effective UI

Having the right visuals isn’t just about appealing to your audience; you also need to make purposeful decisions reflected in your design. This is why the screencaps you post on your app’s product listing should highlight the efficiency of your app.

Showcasing a well-designed user interface (UI) reflects how well you can solve your target audience’s needs. Whether you want to streamline your ticket system or restructure service bookings, your app should reduce the hassle of bringing customers to your company.

3. Emphasizes Your App’s Accessibility

Keep in mind that building a strong user base is about investing in first impressions. As a general note, consumers will lean toward a service that’s the least complex in their eyes. For this reason, your app should be appealing to use for its different functions.

Consumers are less likely to download your app if the interface they see is too complex. Remember that an app’s purpose is to make their engagement with your service easier, not complicate it further. If your app’s visuals show a seamless transition from one activity to another, they’re more likely to subscribe to your app.


Having a functional app is just as important as having an appealing one. Although an app’s primary goal is to simplify your customers’ problems, it won’t have any function if your target market doesn’t appeal to it. For this reason, you need to invest just as much attention to detail in your app’s aesthetics. Thankfully, you can rely on professional app developers to handle both with precision and expertise.

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