Common Mobile App UX Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

While having a business website is already a must, it seems that it may no longer be enough. Developing a successful app with a strong UX design will allow you to connect and engage with your customers more than you will be able to on your website. However, just like with anything, there is a right and a wrong way to go about creating an app.

If you have never designed or created an application before, it is worth noting that there are a lot of apps out there that have similar features as yours. You will have to truly apply yourself if you want to launch a competitive product. This article will shed some light on the common mistakes newbies have when they create their app’s UX design.

Common Mobile App UX Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Even if it is your first time to create an app for your business, knowing the mistakes that are commonly committed will help you discern what works and what doesn’t when you think of attractive app design. Here is a list that is aimed to help you as you go about this endeavor.

1 - Bad Onboarding

Onboarding refers to the start-up tutorial that new app users will usually be greeted with when they initially open the app. If you eliminate app onboarding or do a poor job of presenting it, you may end up with more people downloading your app. Take note that although your design may seem simple to you, it might not for all your users. Knowing this, proper onboarding should be given priority.

2 - Poor Navigation

Apps that are loved by their users are well built and are straightforward to navigate. If you feel that your users are complaining about the navigation, it is okay to go back to the drawing board and redo this until you come up with the right design.

3 - Non-Consistent UX Design

One common mistake that many app designers make is to use bold colors and designs to make their app stand out. Some even go as far to have a different design for each web page. However, doing this will create frustration in most users.

4 - Neglecting Updates

Timely updates will ensure that your app is free from bugs and glitches. It pays to read the feedback and reviews of your users in order to properly address the issues that they want you to improve about your app.

5 - Non-Intuitive UX Design

Apps should be intuitive, meaning that there are already established symbols and buttons that are considered mainstream. Deviating from this too much may end up confusing your users and make it hard for them to fully utilize and enjoy using your app.


This list does not include all of the possible mistakes that one may be able to make when they design the user experience aspect of their application. However, this list of common mistakes is supposed to be an eye-opener to help you think outside the box when you map out your app’s UX design. If all else fails, working with a reliable and tried-and-tested technology consultancy will go a long way in getting the UX design of your app right.

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