5 Signs It is Time to Update Your Manufacturing Website

When was the last time you visited your own manufacturing company's website? Has it been weeks or months, or years since you uploaded new content? Have you checked what your website looks like on your phone? If you don't even know the answers to these questions, your manufacturing website is most likely out of date, and it is probably high time to revisit and revamp it.

In this day and age, having a website for your business is crucial. This article will go through the most common signs that indicate your website is in dire need of an update so you can reach out to your target customers even better.

1. You Do Not Have New Content

Google favors websites that regularly update their content. However, you don't have to provide new material to your manufacturing website every day. All you have to do now is create a regular content publication strategy that guarantees Google's bots to find something every time they visit your site. Furthermore, you may keep your site active by adding new material of various sorts, such as product specifications and blog entries.

2. It is Not Mobile-Friendly

In the United States alone, one out of every four internet users uses a mobile device to access the internet. Mobile devices have swept the globe, and if your website isn't mobile-friendly, it's time to revamp it. You don't want to be left behind because you did not adapt to the latest mobile browsing trends. Your stakeholders are part of a broader population who are likely using their phones to view your website.

3. It Has an Outdated Design

Your website should appeal to your target audience visually, and design standards are constantly changing. The typical user prefers large graphics, attractive colors, and open or flat design components. Words are important, but so is how they are presented. More importantly, visitors will see you as an authority and expert if your site appears professional and is filled with helpful content.

4. High Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors that leave your website after seeing just one page is referred to as the bounce rate. To put it another way, people arrive on your homepage or landing page and immediately leave the site. A high bounce rate indicates poor levels of engagement and may suggest that visitors do not find the information on your website engaging or relevant. If your website's bounce rate is more than 50 percent, it's probably time for an overhaul.

5. It is Not Secure

When it comes to internet browsing, your clients and prospects take security and privacy extremely seriously. Using "HTTPS" in your address will help protect your site from cyberattacks and fraud while giving your users a better user experience and more peace of mind. A secure, encrypted site may also help you rank better in search results and keep your corporate data safe for your staff and your whole organization.


Your company’s success requires designing a high-quality, user-friendly website. However, it's just as vital to keep your site current and updated at all times to provide the best possible user experience to your visitors. Regularly upgrading your site based on recorded user behavior, providing a mobile-friendly, current design, and performing technical audits are just a few of the numerous methods to achieve this.

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