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Marketing Strategies: When Should You Stop an A/B Test?

A/B testing is often considered a cornerstone of today’s marketing strategies, and this method has proven itself to be a fundamental component of any data-driven approach. For those that rely heavily on experimentation to develop game-changing marketing strategies, A/B testing has proven itself to be an astute

5 Industries Where Machine Learning Plays a Crucial Role

Machine learning has been around for years, and many businesses are using it today. The technology adopts new data independently and can make decisions based on calculations and analyses. It infuses Artificial Intelligence (AI) machines or deep-learning applications from the data it acquires. Why It’s Important Today There is

AI and Marketing Automation: How It’s Shaping Content Creation

There are no stopping digital advancements, and as we further into the digital age, key technologies are set to transform digital marketing for good. Digital marketing transformations today help put businesses in advance in a competitive landscape. Businesses who utilize these advancements are put on top of an overcrowded marketing