How to Use Augmented Reality (AR) For Your Marketing Efforts

We’re living in an age where reluctance to innovate can lead to a company’s downfall. The last establishment to adapt is the first to fall behind against its competitors. For this reason, it’s necessary to constantly look at modern developments in different aspects of your business model.

A company’s growth is closely tied to how it can effectively adopt technological innovation to its processes. This is why many businesses are developing mobile apps and appealing to other social media networks. These are adaptations that come with the evolution of consumer trends. While establishments may use the same strategy, their unique application of these advancements will depend on utilizing these emerging technologies.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) to Reinforce Marketing Efforts

One technology that businesses are finally paying attention to is Augmented Reality (AR). AR allows users to see an enhanced version of the physical world. This is achieved through the manipulation of visual, sound, and other elements delivered through a device. Its most common use is to assist in various industries like tourism, retail, repair and maintenance, and even classroom education.

There’s a diverse range of uses for AR, which makes it a versatile medium for your marketing medium. Since it’s a lot more demanding of user input, you need to strategize differently when implementing it to your marketing campaigns.

In this article, we’ll share three tips on using AR technology for your marketing efforts.

1. Consider Room for Creativity

AR technology is very much a customer-centric technology. This means it first takes points from user-input, even if you have a database full of information to give. For this reason, you should know where to apply AR in your different service offers. You can use it in tangent with your products to highlight the overall client experience. Providing key insights and relevant details on these items through AR is one practical angle you can choose.

2. Integrate AR with Your Products

Many products nowadays are integrated with devices to let customers gain more out of their purchases. For example, you can create bonus content that shares additional information about your products from its product packaging. You can encode it via AR to show different supplementary details all through a digital lens.

You can even add AR to your sales funnel without actively selling a product. Take inspiration from Amazon’s strategy of using AR to showcase product offers. Through its app, Amazon lets buyers augment the product in their personal spaces. This allows them to see the dimensions and space required of the product they want to buy. It’s an excellent strategy to promote buyer confidence and increase sales rates.

3. Reinforce Your Digital Transformation

Consumers want to receive the latest in quality of service and its innovation; it’s the same principle for consumers hungry for the latest tech products in the market. For this reason, integrating AR to your business model is already a plus in their books. However, you must go through this transition carefully to avoid compromising your primary functions. Remember that AR should enhance and simplify your business model, not complicate it further.


Applying emerging technologies to your business model will always feel awkward at first, which is why many businesses stumble over growing pains. However, these are necessary risks to help you discover better ways to improve your service. With the right assistance, you can effectively eliminate the quirks of using a new medium or process. Thankfully, you have access to numerous collaborators ready to assist you with these technological adjustments.

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