AI-Generated Content: The Good, the Bad, and the Interesting

Google’s search engine is one of the most powerful services in the digital world. From hair tying tutorials to medical information, people rely on Google for almost anything they need to learn. Google’s influence on what people see, hear, and learn is something that businesses today want to harness.

Experienced tech consulting firms encourage having a solid SEO plan to achieve Google search engine rankings. An important element in a good SEO plan is the consistent publishing of quality content. While most businesses either make their content in-house or outsource them, some venture into AI-generated content.

What Is AI-Generated Content?

AI is growing at a rapid pace. In a recent study, it is projected that AI will grow to an estimated $15.7 trillion by 2030. AI-generated content is part of this growing industry.

AI-generated content is human-friendly content that a piece of software automatically creates after collating data. This technology, also known as natural language generation (NLG), has been present since the 60s but has risen in popularity in recent years.

Advancements in machine learning and AI processors contributed to the popularity. As the output of older AI-content technology sounds disconnected and over-computerized, the current technology produces more human-sounding and readable content.

Will AI-Generated Content Overtake Professionally Written Content?

The short answer to this question is no. A piece of well-written content may be an important element of a good SEO plan, but it is not the only element.

AI can write good content. But to rank well in Google’s search engine results page (SERP), content quality, backlinks, and multi-device adaptability are also essential to remain competitive in today’s market.

Content Quality

Quality content for Google is a relevant one. This means that content needs to cover a broad range of topics and offer useful information to the site visitor.

Although AI can produce a lot of content at a moment’s notice, although AI can write well-constructed articles according to spelling and grammar rules, it still cannot determine if a human will find the content engaging or compelling.

Backlinks are the links present in a piece of content that redirects to other sites. In recent updates of Google’s algorithm used backlinks as a signal to determine a site’s relevance. A piece of content with other sites linking back to it has a better chance of ranking higher in the SERP.

It’s easy to produce a lot of AI-generated articles, but other sites linking to an AI-written piece to put in their content are rare. Aside from this, the technology has not caught up to the importance of linking to other sites as well.

Multi-Device Adaptability

Although content quality and backlinks can involve content-generating AI, a site’s adaptability to multiple devices is out of its domain. However, hiring a tech consulting company that can make your site viewable on any device screen is essential in SERP rankings and in business as a whole.

According to a 2021 study, the number of US internet users is at 276.8 million and is projected to grow to 287 million by 2023. This means that a business that has a responsive and easy-to-navigate website that can function on multiple types of devices has better chances to generate new leads than those whose site does not have the same capability.

At the same time, Google’s mobile-first indexing gives priority to mobile-friendly devices since more and more people use their phones than anything else.


Remaining relevant and competitive in this digital world is not an easy feat. But new technological advancements, like content-generating AI, aim to give businesses of different sizes a fighting chance by producing content. While not always being able to fully communicate the intricacies of topics like Computer Vision, AI bots can get you about 80% of the way.

Although AI can satisfy an SEO campaign’s need to consistently publish content, the content it produces still lacks the ability to appeal to humans and thus cannot overtake professionally written content. Furthermore, content quantity is not the only important thing for SEOs. Content quality, backlinks, and multi-device adaptability also matter.

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